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Most Important EV Charger Installation Requirements: A Reliable Guide

Prepare for Your Charger’s Installation Process

Are you wondering what you need to install your EV charger as soon as possible? There are some considerations every EV owner should keep in mind before installing a charger in a new spot. The following are the most common EV charger installation requirements:

EV Charger Installation Requirements in Watsonville, CA

  1. Proper Permissions

You can install your charger on private property freely as long as you have ownership of said property or have your landlord’s permission to do so. In case you are a tenant, be sure to document any agreements about the charger in writing so you don’t have any trouble in the future.

  1. A Designated Space

In relation to the previous point, you cannot just install your charger over the sidewalk and charge your car while it is parking on the street. You need to have a designated space to place your vehicle while it is charging, like a driveway or a garage. Always check local council rules about EV chargers before installing one.

  1. Wi-Fi or 4G Connection

EV chargers typically work with apps so owners can access settings and instructions. Therefore, you will need to connect the charger to a strong, reliable Wi-fi or 4G connection, depending on the model you choose.

  1. Suitable Electrical Capacity

This is fundamental because even if you already meet the rest of the criteria, if your electrical network cannot support the charger’s strong demand for electricity, the charger won’t work. Before starting the EV charger installation process, check your electrical panel capacity and if it matches the requirements of the charger.

EV Charger Installation Requirements Watsonville, CA

Be Sure to Meet All EV Charger Installation Requirements!

The easiest way to be sure your property meets all necessary EV charger installation requirements to start the installation process is to rely on the professional advice of an experienced electrician. If your property is in Watsonville, CA, you can always book an appointment with me! Give Lucas Kokot Electric Rewiring and Ev Chargers Installation a call at (831) 231-4077 today!

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