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Learn How to Repair an Electrical Cord: A Simple Process

Get Professional Results in Three Steps

Appliances or electrical device cords can get damaged for several reasons, including wear and tear. Although you might need it for your everyday activities, you should not keep plugging and unplugging devices with broken or damaged cords because they could be dangerous. Instead, try following this friendly guide and learn how to repair an electrical cord without complications!

Learn How to Repair an Electrical Cord in Watsonville, CA

  1. Look For Superficial Damage

Before starting, carefully unplug the cord from its electrical source so you can be safe. Then, the first step to take is to look for superficial damage to the cord. There is a chance that only the insulation is damaged, and the internal wire is in good condition, or that has minor damage that can be easily fixed with insulation tape. If this is the case, you can skip step 2 and go directly to step 3.

  1. Replace the Damaged Part

If the wire is too damaged, you need to cut off that portion of the cord and replace it with a piece of new wire of the same caliber. Use pliers to peel about an inch of wire on each side of each portion of the cord and twist the two pairs of ends together.

  1. Cover With Insulation Tape

The crucial step in this “How to Repair an Electrical Cord” guide is covering the exposed wire with enough insulation tape. You don’t need to tighten the tape too much, but it shouldn’t be loose in any way or allow room between the tape’s adhesive side and the wire, since dust can get in within a few days and ruin your work.

Learn How to Repair an Electrical Cord Watsonville, CA

How to Repair an Electrical Cord: The Fastest Way

As you can see, repairing an electrical cord is not difficult, but it can consume some time and must be done correctly to avoid any accidents. Therefore, you can always invest in Lucas Kokot Electric Rewiring and Ev Chargers Installation’s professional electrical repair service and have the cord repaired by an expert! I am ready to serve my clients in Watsonville, CA and all the adjoining areas! Dial (831) 231-4077 now!

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