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How to Repair Loose Electrical Outlets: Pro Tips

Don’t Fight Against Loosened Outlets Anymore!

Looking to learn how to repair loose electrical outlets? In this post, I have collected the three most effective tips that could help you get your outlets in place without any complications. Hopefully, the tips will be useful! Read on for all the information about it. 

How to Repair Loose Electrical Outlets in Watsonville, CA

Try With the Screws First

You don’t need to have expert knowledge on how to repair loose electrical outlets to imagine that if there are any loosened screws, your electrical outlet will be loose too. If you haven’t tried tightening your outlet’s screws, that is a good place to start. Please, remember to turn off the power first. Then, proceed to tighten all the screws in the box’s set. There are a few more things to try if this doesn’t fix the problem. 

How to Repair Loose Electrical Outlets Watsonville, CA

Use Electrical Spacers

If the outlet is recessed into the wall, you can use a pair of electrical spacers to put it back in place. You just need to line them up with the outlet’s screw holes and tighten the screws into them. You can use another pair of spacers on top of those if the outlet is still recessed.

Get the Help of an Electrical Box Extender

You can use an electrical box extender to attach the outlet to the outlet box if the spacers don’t work. You just need to place the rectangular piece inside the outlet box and fix it with screws. Then you can fit in the outlet and secure it with screws too. 

You Know How to Repair Loose Electrical Outlets; What Now?

These simple yet highly effective methods should be enough to repair a loose electrical outlet. However, if the problem persists after trying them, or have any other electrical issue you would like an expert to address, you can invest in Lucas Kokot Electric Rewiring and Ev Chargers Installation’s unmatched electrical repair service. I would happily visit you on your property in Watsonville, CA! Call me on (831) 231-4077 now!

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